At TechCrunch

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I have an interesting relationship with Spotify, so I wrote it a love letter. Well, I wrote a letter about it, not really to it. When I’m writing, I’m usually actually getting lost in all the bands and songs there–it’s my procrastination.

When I saw TechCrunch was inviting others to write about how current technology impacts the stuff of love for a series unambiguously called #Love, I knew I had to participate. And I knew right away what I wanted to write about: mix CDs, what we made and awkwardly gave each other when we wanted to give something that mattered. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. But mix CDs have kind of vanished, with digital tools like Spotify picking up where they left off.

I recently found a stockpile of CDs I’d made–some for myself and some for others that I never shared–and cringed at how awful some of them were, and cringed again after admitting to myself I still enjoy that terrible music. For the most part, Spotify is the new mix CD. This essay is me making my peace.


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